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Stabfish.io is a multiplayer game in which you have to compete in an underwater city. It's a great way to spend some time with friends and family, as well as an entertaining way for people of all ages and interest levels to learn more about the ocean. In this game, you can learn about the oceans and marine life while enjoying a fun environment where you can develop controlling skills through playing the game.

On our website, you can see many multiplayer games such as Hole.io. However, the Stabfish.io game is one the most popular games on our website. In this online multiplayer game, you have to stab your opponents while they are trying to do the same to you. You will have an unlimited amount of time in which you must try and kill as many people as possible before being killed yourself by other players! The endless time will bring you an exciting experience.

How To Get Chain Bonus In Stabfish.io

Stabfish.io has many different types of fish. Killing each fish will get you points. The special thing is that you can get a chain bonus if you kill fish of the same color continuously.

In order to destroy other fish, you will need to pay attention to a few things below.

Stabfish.io Principles

This multiplayer game allows you to compete with your friends or the world in real-time to stab fish and become the best player in the world. You can play against other players from around the world, or challenge yourself by playing against AI-controlled fish. Control your fish and fight other players using your weapon. Each fish has its own special weapon that it can use during gameplay.

Remember to collect food on your way to increase your level. The higher level you get, the stronger your weapon is. However, you should not attack your enemies from the front. It is extremely dangerous. It is easy to eliminate your opponents from their backs.

How To Control

You can control your character by sliding your mouse. It is similar to Little Big Snake. When you want to speed up, press the left mouse button and release it when you want to stop accelerating. Speeding up is very important. You can surprise your opponent and inflict unexpected damage on your opponent.

Character Skins

You can equip many different items for your fish, including skins, weapons, masks, and hats. Each of these items comes in different varieties. You need to unlock them before activating them. In particular, each item has different effects.

There are 40 different skins for your fish. Each skin has its own requirements and effects. For example, you can unlock the Great White by scoring 3000 pts using Shark in one game. This skin will help you increase your 15% of kill score. Or you can unlock Megalodon to get a 25% kill score by scoring 1500 pts using Great White Shark in one game.

In addition, you can unlock 16 different sets of weapons. Each set has unique weapons and they will be stronger following your level.

Accessories such as masks and hats are also locked. You need to unlock them. Their number is very diverse, so you can decorate your character freely.