Stupid Zombies

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Stupid Zombies combines puzzle games and shooting games to bring you a fascinating game. Let's raise your gun and shoot down all zombies on the map. In addition, if you are curious about the name of the game, it will also be understandable. Call the zombies in this shooting game stupid because they can't move. They just stood still and waited for the attacker. It's stupid, isn't it?

Stupid Zombies Addicting Games

Addicting Games is the developer of Stupid Zombies. The developer's efforts should be appreciated because they have created a great game for all online players. The combination of the two game genres of the developer helps the game to have more benefits for players. Besides entertainment, it is also good for improving the thinking ability of each player.

Moreover, the graphics and the number of levels are impressive. You can see a modern background with many themes and topics. There are 4 stages and each stage has 90 levels. It's a giant number for you to experience.

Introduce About Gameplay

The Gameplay of Stupid Zombies is easy to follow.

The Main Principles

Your character and zombies will stay in one place. Your task is to use the gun in the character's hand and kill all zombies. The number of the weapon's ammo is limited and your bullet has the ability to return after colliding with walls. However, you can not control the direction of the bullet after the shooting. Therefore, let's calculate the path of the bullet carefully before deciding to start.

Completing a level is when you eliminate all zombies.

Stupid Zombies Level 9

Stupid Zombies level 9 is a level that many players are interested in. This level has 15 zombies and 5 bullets. In order to beat level 9, use 3 bullets to shoot all the zombies on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors. On the 3rd floor, zombies are protected by obstacles. You need to shoot behind them and use the bounce of the bullet to destroy them. You have 2 attempts, so aim carefully.