Rooftop Snipers

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Rooftop Snipers is a fierce shooting-duel arena between 2 players. You don't have the right to select weapons but you have the right to gain victory! All you need to do is to raise your gun and begin to combat. However, while competing, you need to pay attention to rooftop-snipers, 2 player gameplay, the game extension, and rooftop snipers 2 to master all related elements. They are premises to win.


Rooftop-Snipers gives all players the opportunity to enjoy their free time in the most enjoyable way. You can search for this keyword on the Internet and see a bunch of different nominations. These nominations can give you different experiences. However, there is no better place than our website because our website provides you with an ideal environment to play this sniper game online.

Rooftop Snipers Unblocked

Rooftop Snipers unblocked is the special feature that this new game is available to you. If you are worried about being blocked in some geographies like schools and universities, our rooftop snipers unblocked will solve this problem. It is an advantage of the game that the publishers have tried to bring to the players. Let's do a simple comparison to see this. If you are a fan of online games, you will need access to different platforms to play. However, there are destinations that will block your connection. This is especially common in educational areas. As a result, you can't play even though you just want to have a little fun after hours of hard study.

Therefore, this unblocked feature is an optimal solution for you to entertain in difficult geographical areas. Note that you should not abuse this element to forget about your main tasks. Let's play this shooting game in your spare time! Playing the game in a reasonable way will give you the most benefits possible.

Who Did The Game Make

Who did the game make is a question many players care about. If you are curious about the developer of Rooftop Snipers, your answer is New Eich Games. This developer is famous for many popular games like Getaway Shootout, House of Hazards, and Rooftop Snipers. You can see that two of these three famous games are both in the shooting genre because this is the publisher's forte. You can be assured of the game quality of New Eich Games.

The Most Talented Sniper

The most talented sniper is not shown correctly in the Rooftop Snipers game because we don't have any leaderboards or stats to choose for this admirable position. Therefore, it can be said that there is no official most talented player when coming to this shooting game. This is different from many other online games, but it makes this Rooftop Snipers game more player friendly because there will be no comparison between players.

However, through sharing the playing process of some players, there are some talented players. Featured, Shoaib Tahir is one of them. He shared his best game of Rooftop Snipers on the social platform Youtube and got a lot of attention. With over 21,000 views, Shoaib Tahir quickly became a potential player with his 3-minute gun battle. It took him 3 minutes to win the match with another player. In addition to Shoaib Tahir, we can mention others such as Morayya Jain, Titanium, and Oshy. All their achievements are expressed clearly through their shares. Are you ready to challenge yourself like these talented players?

2 Player Gameplay

2 player gameplay is a remarkable characteristic of the Rooftop Sniper game. Coming to this action game, you can choose one of two modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. These modes add variety to the game. It is also an effective way to make the game more attractive when you have many options to play and compete with.

The Difference Between Modes And How To Play

The difference between modes and how to play can ensure your winning rate at each battle.

The 1-Player mode will still bring you to the combat world for hand-to-hand battles. However, your opponent is an AI with unexpected fighting abilities. Competing with an AI opponent is a challenge, but it also helps you train your shooting ability in the best way.

In contrast to 1-Player mode, 2-Player mode allows you to choose your opponent and play on the same device. Let's think about a great time when playing this 2P mode. It is possible to interact directly with your enemies. Your opponent is no longer an emotionless AI. What you cannot do in 1P mode can be done in this second mode. The benefits of this mode don't stop there. It also has benefits such as bonding players with players and showing your abilities in front of the others you want.

Let's select your favorite mode and play now! Note that both 2 modes are available and you can pick them up without order.

Besides the game mode, you should also pay attention to how to play. This Rooftop Snipers game has a uniform rule. Two players will compete on a rooftop with available weapons. Move and shoot. The player who falls off the building first loses and the opponent gets 1 point. With 5 points, that player will win in the end. With this principle, the minimum number of matches is 5 and the maximum number of matches is 9 to find the champion. 5 matches is an absolute score when you do not let your opponent score any points. 9 matches are when 2 players are equally talented and fight each other most fiercely.

Control Instructions

Control instruction is an important section for all players to master how to combat in this Rooftop Snipers game.

In terms of the 1-Player mode, you only need to grab 2 basic control buttons.

  • Use the W key to jump.
  • Use the E key to raise your weapon and shoot.

In terms of the 2-Player mode, there are 2 sets of control buttons.

  • PLAYER 1: Use the W and E key to play.
  • PLAYER 2: Use the I and O key to play.

The first key, including the W and I keys, is for jump while the E and O keys are for the attack.

Rooftop Snipers Advanced Method

Rooftop Snipers advanced method will provide you with good strategies as well as noticeable notes when participating in this action game. Fighting without a plan will bring you many defeats. Therefore, it is still better to follow the below ideas to have the most effective matches.

Let's start with the moving way! As you can know, your battle zone is featured as all battles take place on the roof. Besides, you will not lose because of blood loss. Instead, you will lose the battle when you fall from the building. Therefore, movement is an effective way to defend and avoid attacks. If you want to move forward or backward, wait until your character leans forward or backward and jumps. This tip will help your character move the way you want. In particular, you should move to the center of the roof to stay away from the falling area. Besides, the good movement also makes it easier for you to attack. Run to where you judge the best to shoot. These critical hits can finish your opponent in the fastest way.

Secondly, the way to use your weapon and attack is also a key element to gaining victory. Your character is not only difficult to move but also challenging to raise the gun. The character's arm will swing according to various beats. Take advantage of your character's arm swing to attack effectively. When you want to attack, you should press the attack button 2 times. Use the first press to raise the weapon and the second press for the attack. However, this tip should be based on time judgment. You need to time your attack correctly.

The Game Extension

The game extension shows through many different aspects of the game such as theme, song, and music. These factors all help update the Rooftop Snipers game with more utilities and interesting things. Upgrading the game is natural for publishers to ensure that the game stays on trend and maintains its appeal in the face of the unpredictable transformation of the digital world. This sniper game is no exception.

Rooftop Snipers Theme

Rooftop Sniper theme is fixed with matches on the roof. Each surrounding field may change from match to match. For example, you can fight on modern rooftops in a city full of skyscrapers in the first game round. The other buildings with impressive landscapes around them are easy to observe. However, in the second round, this entertaining game can take you to the roof of a small wooden house holding a snow-white forest. The vast snow cover can be overwhelming. This variety of backgrounds helps you feel more interested in each of your matches.

Moreover, the Rooftop Snipers game also gives you a variety of outfits as well as weapons. Outfits are expressed right from your appearance with superhero costumes or peasant costumes. Weapons have distinct combat effects. You cannot select this element. However, this randomness can surprise you when starting battles. The fairness for supply of weapons and outfits will also be balanced, so all players can be assured of the fairness of the game.

Song And Music

Song and music make many players impressed because of the fast and powerful rhythms of the game. Sound is played during Rooftop Snipers matches. In particular, the sound is fast and attractive. Your fighting enthusiasm seems to increase with each tune of the game. You can even dance to the tunes of the game.

Besides, when you hit or get shot, the sounds show this action clearly.

The Secret Setting To Make A Match With 11 Points

The secret setting to make a match with 11 points is a surprise expansion for all players. The special thing is easy to implement but very few players pay attention to this feature. It would be a pity if we could not discover this property to create more interesting matches based on the preferences of each participant.

It is simple to follow 2 steps and you will have what you want.

  • The first step is to access the Rooftop Snipers game and click on the Setting button at the top of the main screen before you select the Play button.
  • Second, click on Play Up To to change it.

You have 4 options: 5, 7, 11, and endless points. In default matches, the Rooftop Snipers game will go on until the fifth point is made. You can change this trait by increasing the point from 7 to 11. If you want to play endlessly, it will also be achievable. If you want to go back to the original 5 points, keep clicking until you get the selection you want.

Besides the score, there are also some other options for you. Turning the sound on or off is the first thing you can control. Then, if you're interested in AI matches, you can look down at the last entry, Computer Difficulty. There are 3 options: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Medium level is the default mode. To change, you just need to click on that button in the same way you do with the Play Up To item.

Rooftop Sniper 2

Rooftop Snipers 2 helps you immerse in a new shooting world with the familiar features of the original version. Coming to this 2nd version, you continue to show your top gun-fighting ability with new features. Version 1 and Version 2 were released in a short time to satisfy the entertainment needs of all players.

Rooftop Snipers has enjoyed great success on various platforms and attracts millions of daily searches. Taking this advantage, the second edition also quickly became famous and won a lot of celebration. If you are curious about the difference between these two versions of the Rooftop Snipers series, you should experience them for yourself to see the special.