Little Big Snake

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Little Big Snake is a multiplayer snake-fighting game where you control your snake or ladybug to collect food and compete with other players. This game gives you a competitive multiplayer world like Rooftop Snipers to show off your skills through matches and scores. Try to be the biggest snake and dominate the map.

Little Big Snake Rules

Little Big Snake rules are simple and easy to follow with how to control and how to compete in Little Big Snake.

How To Control

In order to control your character, you only need to use your mouse. Slide your mouse to let your snake move. If you want to speed up, you can press the left mouse button. However, you should accelerate for an appropriate amount of time because your snake will lose energy while accelerating. Make sure to know how to control your snake before entering the battle because control will account for 50% of the win rate in this multiplayer game. The remaining 50% will depend on your ability and strategies.

How To Compete in Little Big Snake

You will have to compete with other players for the top spot on the map.

At the beginning of the game, you are a small snake. Try to collect as much food as possible to increase your body size. Your food is dots of light, ladybugs, and other creatures. Besides, your food can be created by killing other snakes. Your opponents will die if they crash into you. After that, they will leave a huge amount of food.

Eating this amount of food will help you grow quickly. However, you should be careful because this amount of food will also attract other snakes. New wars can happen as soon as this amount of food appears.

Some Outstanding Features

Little Big Snake offers you various significant characteristics to make the game become more exciting. Let's start to learn about them!

The Ability To Revive

Unlike other competitive games like Drift 3, this game gives you a chance to respawn. After you die you can decide to become a ladybug to collect nectar. After collecting enough nectar, you can revive. If you die while being a ladybug, your score will be higher thanks to the number of points earned by the ladybug. The ability to revive is a great opportunity for those of you who want to continue your fight.

Invite Friends And Create Teams

In this multiplayer game, you can create a team by inviting your friends to join. Members of the same team cannot destroy each other. You and your friends can team up and hunt big snakes, share food, and protect each other from other opponents. The game will become more interesting when you play with real friends. Have a nice time!

Emotes In Little Big Snake Battles

You can use emotes in matches to express your feelings. You can see them at the top of the screen. This can be a good diplomatic strategy if you use emotes wisely. In order to use emotes, press numbers that correspond to the emoticons.

Useful parameters

On your map, you can collect a number of different items. However, the most important item is the crowns. Collecting crowns helps you become the top 10 leading snakes on the map with a mass of over 10 tons.

Besides, the creatures you explode or eat will help you increase your score by a percentage. For example, if you eat a ladybug, your score will increase by a 1%.