Google Cricket

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Google Cricket is a cricket-based sports game of Google where you transform into ants to hit balls and gain points as real baseball matches. This game allows you to play with cute animals including ants and snails.

Adorable Animal Characters

This Google Cricket game offers you two adorable animals: ants and snails. These two characters have different numbers and roles.

  • Ants have two characters with attacking roles. One ant will hit the ball and one ant will stand in the middle of the field. When you successfully hit the ball, the two ants will run and change positions. Each time you successfully change positions, you will receive one point. Especially, if you hit the ball far away, you will have more time to run and win more points.
  • Snail includes 10 characters with defensive roles. 9 snails will stand in different positions on the field and one snail will stand next to the ant in the middle of the field. This central snail will throw the ball towards the ant. When the ant hits the ball, the remaining snails are responsible for picking up the ball and throwing it to the central snail.

Your Roles In Google Cricket

Your role is to become ants and score points in each match. Every point is precious to create admirable achievements. In particular, when you change positions 3 times in a row, you will receive 6 points. This will bring you many benefits to get high scores.