Dinosaur Game

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Dinosaur Game is a running game inspired by the no internet game with T-rex. Coming to this game, you will jump to avoid the series of cactus and birds.

Simple Gameplay With Your Click

Dinosaur Game is rated as one of the simplest games where you just need to click to control your character. Your character is a T-rex dinosaur with short arms and legs. This character will automatically move forward and your task is to click to make it jump. However, you don't have to jump randomly. You need to jump to avoid the cactus and stay safe. When touching these obstacles, your T-rex character will be destroyed. Try to run as far as possible to get the highest score possible. You can track your achievements in the upper right where your recent score and your best score are.

Challenges In Dinosaur Game

You have to face a lot of challenges to get a high score in this no-internet game. You can see that they are represented by 3 main elements: cacti, birds, and speed.

  • The cactus is the most popular in this Dinosaur Game. They will appear continuously and change in number. You might just have to jump over a cactus. However, 2, 3, or 4 cactus also can appear at the same time. This simultaneous appearance will require you to make the further jump to conquer.
  • The birds will appear after you win 500 points. The birds will fly at different heights that require you to make the right moves. For example, you can jump over low-flying birds while high-flying birds will ask you to slide using the down arrow button.
  • The speed of this running game will increase over time. Fast movement shortens reaction time and you have to adapt quickly to deal with situations.