Monkey Mart

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Monkey Mart doesn't block you anywhere with exciting mart operation gameplay. Have you ever lived in a monkey world and managed a massive property? This game will take you to come and experience it.

In particular, you will be impressed with the game's eye-catching graphics and smooth effects. This is the feature that makes many players addicted to this arcade game. Besides, the rules of the game are also very interesting to experience.

Monkey Management Rules

Monkey management is also very simple because you only need to master the following two principles.

Human Resource Management of Mart and Customers

The first thing you need to do is control your character to earn money according to the instructions. After hiring more employees, you also need to manage these employees. Don't let them be lazy. You can upgrade monkeys to improve labor productivity.

Besides, customer management is also very important. There are a lot of destructive monkeys that will throw your goods to the ground. Chase them and pick up your products.

Manage Items In Monkey Mart

Many items are produced right in the mart. You will grow bananas and corn to sell. Then, get corn to feed chickens and dairy cows to get eggs and milk. The products will be produced in this way.

Product display stands will be set up. Please fill them in to meet customer needs. Besides, you should also expand the production and sales area to earn more profits.

How To Control

Use the arrow keys to play.