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Hole.io is always one of the most loved games on our website. Play Hole.io to eat all objects on your road and other smaller holes to increase your size. This game is a multiplayer action game with various maps and modes. Are you ready to join this game? You will be amazed at what this multiplayer game has to offer.

Hole.io Online

When you play Hole.io online, you can get different ranks. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see your rank. You can get 6 different ranks, including silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and master ranks. Besides, note that the way to rank will also be similar to the levels.

List Of Hole.io Ranks

The bronze rank: the first two levels

The silver rank: level 3

The gold rank: level 6

The diamond rank: level 9

The platinum rank: level 12

The master rank: level 15

You can get the highest level which is level 17. This level corresponds to the master rank with 3 stars. You can upgrade your rank by participating in matches and winning achievements. The more achievements you get, the faster your rank increases.

Other Elements When Playing

Hole.io offers you a lot of different skins. The free skins are holes with base colors like green, blue, yellow, and red. Subsequent skins require you to unlock them before activating them.

You can unlock skins by performing the respective quests. For example, you can get a heart-shaped hole by tweeting about the game. If you like shark-shaped holes, you can eat 100 humans to get this prize. There are many other skins like a cat, mouse, or fire skins.

In addition, you can use holes with flag motifs. You can choose them for free. The flags are always updated and bring you the symbols of new countries.

Unblocked Game Modes

There are 4 game modes in the Hole.io game. You can choose from one of four modes, including Classic, Battle Royale, Teams, and Solo Run. Two modes, Teams, and Solo Run, are two new modes of this competitive game.

  • Classic Mode: In this mode, you need to try to survive and get the highest score in 2 minutes. Don't get destroyed while trying to eat the most objects to get the highest score.
  • Battle Royale: This mode requires you to fight other players for an unlimited time. You need to fight and survive as long as you can. The winner is the last person left standing.
  • Teams Mode: You and other players will be divided into teams. Teams will compete with each other. Whichever team is destroyed first, that team loses. Join this mode to enhance your cooperation. This mode is also ideal for playing with your friends.
  • Solo Run Mode: This mode requires you to eat 100% of the map in 2 minutes. Can you complete this mission with such limited time?