Gun Mayhem

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Gun Mayhem plunges you into one of the most chaotic arenas today. Controlling your character and fighting is not easy when participating in this melee game. Prepare mentally before starting this shooting game!

Starting the introduction to this game, our website will provide you with the gun mayhem armor games section where you learn about the developer of this interesting game.

Gun Mayhem Armor Games

Gun Mayhem is published and developed by Armor Games. Armor Games is one of the famous game creators in the US. The company has released a lot of HTML5 games with many different genres. This Gun Mayhem game is one of them. The game is meant to be simple: fight with guns in a chaotic manner. Reading this far, you can imagine a part of this game. To learn more, go to the game guide.

Playing Guides

Gun Mayhem is also easy to play. In particular, if you follow the below information, winning is in your hand.

The Simple Gameplay

In this shooting game, your character has 3 main abilities: move, shoot, and bomb. Use these abilities to destroy your enemies. Each death of your opponent will give you one point. When you reach the required number of points in each level, you will win.

How To Control

How to control Gun Mayhem depends on the number of players. This game allows you to play with 4 people at most.

Player 1

  • Arrow keys = move
  • [ key = shoot
  • ] key = bomb

Player 2

  • WASD = move
  • T = shoot
  • Y = bomb

Player 3

  • Numpad / 789 = jump
  • Numpad * = shoot
  • Numpad - = bomb

Player 4

  • Numpad 5123 = move
  • Numpad 0 = shoot
  • Numpad . = bomb

Gun Mayhem Archive

In this action game's archive, you can equip many different items for your character, including a hat, shirt, handgun, and color. All these items are free. However, when you come to the Gun Library where there are various great guns, you will need to unlock them before using them.

Besides, the Gun Mayhem game offers campaign mode and custom mode for you to select.