Drift Hunters

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Drift Hunters takes place in super races where you can unleash your driving skills. Design your car for these battles and start in various environments!

Designing Your Car For Races

This online driving game allows you to modify and design different elements of your car to suit your abilities and preferences. The first factor is appearance. You can unlock many different skins for your car in Cars. The number of unlocked cars is unlimited. The limitation is your wallet.

Next, you can go to the Visuals section to change the colors and rims of the car. All items in this category are free. Finally, don't forget to visit the Parts and Tuning section to edit elements such as brake stock, weight stock, gearbox stock, turbo PSI, or brake balance.

How to Drive a Car in Drift Hunters

To drive the cars in this online game, it is easy as you just need to use the arrow keys. You can drive and explore the entire map, find interesting corners, and compete with other drivers. However, before participating in these driving, do not forget to choose the map to make the game more diverse and interesting. Some significant maps you can mention are Docks, Touge, Nishuri, and City.