Drunken Duel

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Drunken Duel continues the shooting battles with drunk characters! Are you ready to challenge your controlling skills with characters going out of control? Being different from other shooting games like Rooftop Snipers, this game will give players modern graphics and smooth effects. You can see this clearly through the experience of the game.

Graphics are outstanding with 2 contrasting colors: blue and orange. And what impresses me the most is the arrival and departure of a soul when I finish my opponent. If you are curious about this shooting game. start it now!

Drunken Duel 2 Player Games

Drunken Duel has 2-player gameplay. In particular, it's highly famous in this online game category. This is made possible by 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. Fighting with an AI opponent is the rule of 1P mode while 2P mode allows you to invite another player to fight your character. With competitive 2-Player gameplay, this action game quickly becomes viral across online platforms.

Rules And Ways To Control

Drunken Duel does not have many requirements when playing. Read the following sections to find out.

Guides For Drunken Duel

Use your joystick to shoot down your opponents. Each player has a health bar. If this health bar runs out, the game is over. Who gets 5 points first will win. Some players are not aware of their characters. To solve this problem, look at the bottom left and right corners. It shows how to control and that is your character.

How To Control

  • The Blue Player uses the W key.
  • The Orange Player uses the Up Arrow key.