Shopping Cart Hero 2

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Shopping Cart Hero 2 takes you into the long jump journey with shopping carts. Take control of your stickman character and move as far as possible.

This online game requires you to guide your character and gain the highest achievement. In order to gain this goal, below, you can follow some instructions.

Jump With Endless Numbers

You can play this online game countless times based on your time and conditions. Even though you fail on the first attempt, you can proceed to the second attempt immediately.

What Do You Do At The Jumps

At the starting point, the game provides you with a shopping cart and a stickman. Your task is to control the stickman to push the cart forward. At this stage, use the right arrow key to move forward. The longer you hold the joystick, the faster the cart runs.

After reaching the jump point, your character will jump on a cart and proceed to a slope to perform an aerial jump. While flying in the air, you can perform somersaults using the left and right arrow keys. However, you should ensure the safety of the stickman when landing on the ground. Don't let him suffer unnecessary damage.

Jump Score Of Shopping Cart Hero 2

After each jump, this online game will rely on your performance to score. First, you need to keep your character's life to get many points. Second, the somersaults in the air will get you extra points. The distance and the height of the jumps will also give you more scores. After that, the game will summarize and convert points to cash for you.

Upgrades And Premium Of Shopping Cart Hero 2

Upgrades and premiums will help you make better jumps. You can buy and unlock them with the cash you get. The special thing is that you can buy carts or moves for the character to make the game more interesting.