Zombie Plague

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Zombie Plague continues a new conflict between you and the army of zombies. Shooting down them will help you keep safe for all town residents. Before, you also can experience combat with zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. However, in this new shooting game, challenges will appear in a new way and the fighting methods are also different. Are you ready to join?

Zombie Plague Game

Zombie Plague game requires you to eliminate all zombies coming to your town. These zombies can appear alone or in groups. They move to your location until destroyed. Therefore, the only way to stop them is to kill them. There is no other way for you.

So what happens if you let these zombies enter the town? If only 1 or 2 zombies enter, there will be no problem. However, the number is limited to 20 zombies. After the 21st zombie enters the town, the game will end and you have to restart the level.

Upgrade Your Cannon

In Zombie Plague, your weapon is the cannon. Don't forget to upgrade it using coins collected from battles. You can upgrade damage, firerate, ammo, and accuracy. The number of coins you need to use will increase after each improvement time.