Plants vs. Zombies

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Plants vs. Zombies provides an online version to play anywhere and anytime. All features are still maintained for you to fight zombies and protect your house. Are you ready to combat in this legendary game? It's more convenient for all players to join!

Plants vs. Zombies All Plants

In this fighting game, you can use a lot of different plants. It is hard to recap all the plants in this game. Therefore, let's divide them into three main types of plants.

  • The first type of plant is a money-generating plant like the sunflower and twin sunflower. Over time, these plants will give you money to buy the plants or items you desire.
  • Second, we need to mention attack plants like Peashooter or Cherry Bomb. These plants have great damage and are used to kill zombies.
  • Finally, it is impossible not to mention defensive plants like Wall-nut and Explode-o-nut. These plants have a high defense that is great for protection.

In addition to this division, the plants in Plants vs. Zombies can also be divided into groups such as day plants, night plants, and aquatic plants. It depends on the player.

How to play

You need to plant the plants in the appropriate places to prevent the zombies from attacking the house. That is not allowed. Besides planting, you can also dig up the plants you want to remove.

Note that plants have many different functions. Using it properly will bring a good result in the fight to shoot down Plants vs. Zombies.