Zombie Defense

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Zombie Defense is an uncompromising battle between your character and dangerous zombies. Upgrade your gun, unlock your pet, and kill them all.

They Are Coming Zombie Defense

The war with zombies takes place in many different games like Stupid Zombies and Zombie Plague. Now, Zombie Defense will bring you a new battle with new gameplay. However, the first thing you need to know when coming to this game is your opponent. What's coming in this action game? It is zombies. Scary zombies come in waves. You need to fight them in a room with limited space. So how to win? Go to the next section to find out ways and strategies for you to gain victory in this defense game!

Guides For Trophy

In the beginning, you need to press the Fight button for the zombies to appear. Move and shoot down all these zombies to win. Because you are limited to a narrow space, remember to use the coins you earn from killing zombies to expand the battle area. The expansion of the play area also means that there are more doors for zombies to enter. They will appear more and more in different sizes. You have more space to fight and you also have more opponents to destroy. It will be a challenge there. Besides, you can also collect new weapons and upgrade them in the Bag section. Don't forget to unlock pets who will accompany you in tough battles.

When zombies appear, they will break your fence. Don't forget to repair before starting a new battle. These fences will help you stop zombies for a short time. Note that your weapon will automatically shoot, but it just works when you are close to zombies. This distance will lengthen after each upgrading time.

How to control: Slide your mouse to move and click to choose.