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Woobies gives you impressive graphics and effects with familiar shooting gameplay. Shoot down the woobies to make a beautiful feather dress for your character.

Woobies Animals

Woobies animals are animals with soft feathers. It is very suitable for creating fashion items such as tops, skirts, and shoes. However, animal woobies are just side characters in this game. Your main character is a beautiful crane with a desire to have a feather dress. It started with hunting woobies. Please help this character!

How To Play

The gameplay of this shooting game is similar to Pool Shooter where you can shoot colorful balls. In this new online game, you will shoot woobies instead of balls. This will make the game more storyline and more interesting to the players. Besides, instead of endless gameplay, this game will bring level gameplay to help players achieve more achievements.

Woobies Bubble Shooter

Woobies with 15 levels will give you the gameplay of Bubble Shooter. Shoot woobies to woobies of the same type. There are available woobies in white, pink, and blue. Let's shoot by color. Although woobies can have a variety of expressions, you don't have to care. This is just the effect of the game.

You can end a level when all woobies are removed. Note that the game lets you know the color of the next woobies that will appear. You can rely on this to make good plans for each level.

How To Control

Use your mouse to play. Click to shoot.