Pool Shooter

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Pool Shooter challenges your aiming skills with endless balls to get the best score. Come to this shooting game to remove as many balls as possible. The number of balls will continuously appear with different colors and numbers. Shoot balls of the same category and get the highest score.

Best Pool Shooter

Pool Shooter will keep your score after each round. This score is not published online, so it is difficult to determine the best players on the server. However, it is possible to determine your highest score. After each play, your highest score will always be updated. When playing, look up at the top of the play screen. There are your current score and high score. If you want to win yourself, then try your best.

Play Instructions

Balls of the same color will have the same number of points. You need to shoot the balls to the position with the most balls of the same type. Those balls will be dropped and points are waiting at the bottom. Where the balls fall will be your score. Therefore, in this arcade game, the number of cleared balls is not all that affect the achievement. Instead, you also need to pay attention to where the ball lands.

Old balls are removed and new balls will be added. If you don't remove the ball in time, the balls can fill the entire playing screen and signal the end of the Pool Shooter game.

This game has an improvement over other shooter games, there are numbers on the balls. The higher the number, the more points you get. Besides, it is also good for players who are color-blind.