Tallman Run

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Tallman Run organizes a personal race for you to collect items and become taller. In addition, remember to avoid obstacles to reach the finish line. There is a boss waiting for you at the end of each round. Come here and fight to get the highest achievements.

Online Runner

Tallman Run gives players the same races as other running games. You need to control your character to move forward. On your road, there are many items. These items can be good or bad for your character. For example, you can collect addition operations to increase the height of your body, but subtraction operations will make you decrease in height. In addition, the bars will cause the loss of a part of your height. Choose to collect items correctly to be as tall as possible. Height is the condition that allows you to overcome a series of barriers at the end of the track and progress to the final boss.

Your character will not only grow taller but also get fat. You should also notice the red arrows that help you jump over barriers.

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