Flappy Bird

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Flappy Bird created rapid popularity for the running game genre. Control your bird to pass the piles with simple clicks. This seems like anyone can do it. However, it is more complicated than you think to be able to avoid collision in this arcade game.

This Flappy Bird game was once very popular, but many things happened that caused the original version to completely disappear from the game world. Why? What happened to Flappy Bird? Come to the next section to find out!

What Happened To Flappy Bird

The event started with the rapid popularity of Flappy Bird. Even, the producer, Dong Nguyen, could not have foreseen this success. Dong Nguyen is just a young and independent producer. The popularity of this legendary game has earned him plenty of praise as well as criticism. Unable to stand the pressure of public opinion, he decided to delete the game in 2014. It is a pity and also a lesson for everyone. We should cherish creators and give them a chance to grow instead of crushing them.

Play And Extension

This online version has improved over the original version. However, the outstanding features are still maintained. Coming to Flappy Bird, you will click to make your bird fly as far as possible. Your score is decided based on the number of piles you come across.

Besides, there is an extension for you. The game allows you to share your score on social networks.