Drift 3

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Drift 3 is ready for you to experience car-driving multiplayer journeys by controlling your car to overcome all the tricky platforms and survive. You can win when you are the last person to survive on the map. If you and your opponent still exist, the game is endless. It is an interesting feature of this driving game.

Like Shell Shockers, this game is a multiplayer game. You need to kick-start your competitiveness to be able to win this game. The other players are also very talented, so you need to give your best if you want to win.

Super Drift 3

This game brings you super thrilling gameplay by clicking to change the direction of the car. Release to return to the previous direction. Note that when clicking, you need to press and hold. This gameplay can be strange for players who come to this driving game for the first time. However, you will quickly get used to this control.

What's in Drift 3

Are you ready to face a lot of challenges? The first challenge is a competition to win. Your competitors can push you off platforms. Therefore, be careful when your competitors try to approach you. Besides, you can push other players.

There is a very good tip for players who like to destroy other players. You can move to the edge of a platform. After that, move your car to another edge. Other cars will be obstructed if they hit this path of yours. However, if you do not want to compete, it will be possible. You can move around peacefully as long as you don't fall off the platforms.

Another challenge is the shape of platforms in different sizes and shapes. You can go on small or large platforms. Small platforms are more challenging to navigate. Especially, when you turn, it becomes more difficult. Besides, platforms also come in many shapes. It can be a large road or be divided into two parts.

Skins Of YourCar

The Drift 3 game offers you different skins. Each skin has different looks and characteristics. You can use cute ice cream trucks or opt for green trucks. Note that you can use these skins for free. At the main screen, select the Skins button to proceed to the area for the skins.

More Information For You

You can choose your name and preferred car before the game starts. Your name is quite important because you need it to identify between your car and other cars. When playing, there are many cars on the map, so it is difficult to know your car’s position. Beautiful automobiles come in a variety of styles, from cool to charming. Each type of car has a distinctive appearance and conveys to the user a distinct personality. Select the ideal vehicle!

You can adjust your ability by turning on or off the tutorial mode in the settings area. Turn on this option if you're new to this game series to get instructions. If you are a master, though, you can disable this feature.