Geometry Dash World

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Geometry Dash World opens a new geometry world with 5 levels: Space Pirates, Striker, Embers, Round 1, and Monster Dance Off. Can you conquer all levels?

About Geometry Dash World

This new version is often confused with Geometry Jump World, but they are completely different versions. Each game will bring you various levels and these levels are not the same. The only similarities are the theme, gameplay, and controls. They are key features of all geometry dash versions, so you will see them in both 2 games.

The World Theme

Coming to this game, you can explore the whole geometry world with 5 significant areas corresponding to 5 levels. In the first level, Space Pirates, you will immerse in a new track with a space-themed background with a dark, starry sky and a futuristic cityscape. The player's character is a space pirate, dressed in a black and red space suit with a helmet and a laser gun.

In addition, the level will be designed to resemble different spaceships and planets, with obstacles and enemies that the player must avoid or defeat. The soundtrack would include electronic and techno music with a pirate-themed twist, featuring elements like accordion and fiddle. It’s an example of a world and now, it’s time to start your journey!