Geometry Jump World

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Geometry Jump World opens up to you two worlds available: Dashlands and Toxic Factory to show your jumping skills and conquer 11 different levels.

Common With The Geometry Series

The Geometry game series is familiar to online gamers with its fast-paced gameplay and catchy graphics. In this series, your character will be a block with the jumping ability with your one touch. You can control it with many hotkeys such as spacebar, up arrow, or mouse click. All of these keys share the same function to control your character. This control is not only simple but also iconic for this game genre. Thanks to this simple gameplay, players of all ages can participate in jumping trips.

Unique Points Of Geometry Jump World

As the name of the game, you will not only participate in the levels but also have the opportunity to explore the two worlds available. These two worlds are Dashlands and Toxic Factory respectively with two different themes that you can see on each world map. Dashlands has 5 levels while Toxic Factory includes 6 levels. You need to conquer each level in turn and complete the world of Dashlands to progress to Toxic Factory.