We Become What We Behold

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We Become What We Behold starts 5-minute rounds of the square and round world. Take action photos of these characters and follow interesting developments!

Shape Your World With A Camera

Your world in this online game will consist of two types of characters: Square and Round. These characters will differ in the shape of the head. Because of this difference, the two sides always have hidden conflicts and war can happen at any time.

However, at the present time, you still only see the peaceful scenes of this world. To spot interesting details, use YOUR MOUSE to move the camera frame and take different pictures. These pictures will be hung in the center of the game screen and inform the round and square characters. As a result, if your photo contains any unique details, it will directly affect the peace of this world.

Some Special Details Of We Become What We Behold

The first impression in this world is a couple who belong to two different worlds. One round and one square love each other despite much derision from everyone around. They are also the only two characters in the game with colors other than black and white. With this detail, the players will realize that the affection between people will be an important factor in this game.

Another outstanding detail is the trend of the characters. When the hats you take become prominent, the characters will race to use them. However, after a while, this hot trend will quickly be overshadowed and no one cares about it anymore. The same goes for conflicts. When you announce a conflict through your picture, the characters will quickly get angry and create wars between the two factions. However, the difference is this conflict can cause the end of this world.