Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors is a fighting game with endless bats and henchmen of vampires. Let's use your in-game skills and level up to survive as long as possible! This action provides you with many exciting elements to create more thrilling experiences!

Some Important Factors

When participating in this Vampire Survivors game, you need to pay attention to some important factors such as characters, collection, powerup, and achievement.

  • The character will be your simulation in the game and you need to control this character to fight. At the start of the game, you have 4 character choices. However, only the character Antonio is free while the remaining 3 characters need you to unlock. Of course, each character will have different fighting skills.
  • Collections are items you collect during battle. When you kill an opponent, a random item will appear. Let's collect it and store it for use when needed.
  • Powerups include 12 different items in stock. You can buy them from 200 to 900 coins. These items will help increase the strength of the character significantly and you can fight more easily.
  • Achievement is a list of 23 available quests to all players. Complete this list to show off your outstanding fighting abilities!

Matches In Vampire Survivors

The matches in this fighting game take place with endless time. You will use the character's skills to destroy the enemies. Your skills will work automatically and you just need to time and space the skills. Especially, when you upgrade, you can unlock a new skill. Enemies will not stop attacking you, so the more skills you have, the more benefits you will get.