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How many blocks can you arrange in Tetris, an online block-arrange game? Come to this puzzle game to test your sorting ability and win admirable high scores.

Start At Level

Which level will you choose from 1 to 10? This online game allows you to choose the level you want instead of trying to progress to each level one by one. The higher the level will bring you difficult challenges. Therefore, although you can choose the level freely, you should select the most suitable level based on your own ability. Level 10 is the pinnacle of the challenge. Conquering it will put you in the top 10% of the smartest players.

Continue Tetris

After selecting the level, click the Continue button to start the official round. When it comes to a round, you can see 5 basic elements on the play screen.

The main play area is where the blocks will fall. They ask you to move and put them in the most suitable position. You need to form complete rows of blocks to remove them. Blocks will not stop falling. If you cannot remove the blocks, the game will quickly end when the blocks reach the top of the board.

To the right of the board, you can see the remaining 4 elements. At the top, you can see the shape of the next block. Below, there are Level, Lines, and Score stats for you.

How to move blocks: Use left and right arrows to move sideways. The down arrow allows you to increase the falling speed of blocks while the up arrow helps to rotate the blocks.