Temple Of Boom

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Temple Of Boom brings you multiplayer gunfights as you move into an ancient temple and fend off dangerous monsters and other talented players.

About Temple Of Boom

This game is designed with multiplayer gameplay with the effort of Colin Lane Games. First launched in 2018, the game quickly attracted many players around the world thanks to many attractive features. The first outstanding feature is the thrilling gameplay with flexible controls and unique effects. The game's graphics are also a plus with many colors to create a playful environment.

Besides, this game also includes many game modes from 1-player to 2 players. You can improve your fighting ability through each level with different difficulties.

In-Game Shooting Gameplay

With each level, you will control your character to move and use weapons to overcome difficulties. Your difficulty is monsters, other players, and traps. You can avoid danger by moving. However, you need to fight to destroy them completely. Let's raise your weapon and shoot them all down. During the battle, you can customize your characters with different costumes and weapons. In particular, do not forget to try to fight to win valuable prizes.