Stickman War

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Stickman War will train your shooting skills and reflexes by presenting a variety of opponents. The special thing is that your goals will not stop moving. Your opponents are the stickman. The number of stickmen will change with each level.

Way To Gain Victory In Stickman War

As you can know, the stickmen will move non-stop. If you miss any stickman, the number of stars of that level will be reduced by one unit. Each level only gives you 3 stars. This is corresponding to 3 chances to miss stickmen. You just need to avoid this to win this shooting game. However, this Stickman War game has a strange rule about ammo. The number of ammo will be limited to 12 bullets. If you want to have more bullets, you need to click on the reload button. This rule is extremely important at high levels.

Instructions For Reloading Bullets

Stickman War will bring unexpected opponents. The stickman can appear a lot at the same time. Therefore, you should reload your ammo as soon as possible. Don't let the amount of ammo be too low because it will take a lot of time to reload. Besides, you can shoot explosives to destroy more stickmen in one go. It will save you from having to reload multiple times.