Stack Builder Skyscraper

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Stack Builder Skyscraper will record your best score to create your achievement table for you while dropping stacks and building a skyscraper. This game becomes alluring thanks to its engaging gameplay.

The Gameplay Of Stack Builder Skyscraper

Stack Builder Skyscraper has a fairly simple but attractive gameplay to suit the entertainment needs of many players. You can experience it from the first time you play.

The game will have a hook that is hanging stacks in the air. It will move and wobble from right to left and vice versa. Your task is to press the control button to drop the stack to the bottom. However, you cannot drop the stack anywhere you want. There is a stack available at the bottom of the ground. The stacks need to be placed on top of each other to form a building. This is the main requirement of this entertaining game.

Controls And Benefits Of High Scores

Your control button is the left mouse button. You just need to click to release. The more stacks you can succeed in, the more points you gain. In particular, a high score will help you unlock new levels. For example, you can activate the second stage with 1,600 points.