Squid Run

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Squid Run is in the Squid Run series where you can join challenges similar to this famous movie. In this game, you will focus only on one challenge: running.

Squid Run Challenge

This challenge may be familiar to movie enthusiasts. When it comes to this challenge, the players will be taken to a long straight road with a single destination. You need to reach this destination safely within the time limit to win.

However, difficulties always arise when obstacles constantly appear. Moreover, the number of times you participate is 3. You need to win 3 times and beat all the other runners to win huge rewards at the destination. This gameplay is similar to the competitive gameplay of Rooftop Snipers 2. Although they have many differences, you can also feel the similarity when competing with other players.

Obstacles And Notes To Overcome

There are many obstacles on the Squid Run track such as lava, blocks, or spiked wheels. These obstacles will cause you to return to the starting line. This will waste your time and reduce your chances of winning.

The way to solve this problem is to watch carefully and stay away from them. Besides, you also need to use arrow platforms to move faster or jump over dangers.