Space Shooter

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Space Shooter opens the world of an endless galaxy where spaceships always want to attack and destroy you. Use control to avoid and destroy them in return.

Space Shooter Control

You will control a spaceship to fight the dangers of the galaxy. Victory will belong to players with good control. Why is control so important in this online game?

All your opponents will always aim and shoot you. To protect yourself, you can only move to avoid those dangers. Besides, this fighting game also allows you to attack. Your spaceship will automatically fire the bullets forward. To hit the enemies, your control is again necessary. You need to move to the appropriate positions to hit the enemies.

To control your spaceship, use the mouse to move.

Notable Powerups

Besides your shooting ability, you can also collect valuable items. They usually appear after you destroy other spaceships. In particular, the arrow powerups can increase the number of bullets you fire in one go. As a result, your attack range is larger than the initial stage and the probability of winning is also higher.

These power-ups are unlimited and the more you collect, the better. However, you need to observe carefully because you can confuse power-ups with bombs. These bombs are from enemies and they will destroy your spaceship.