Shooter Rush

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Shooter Rush is a battle between quantity and quality. Your enemies with no special ability are so many while you are alone with the super shooting skill. This war is unequal. However, each team has its own strengths. So, which team will win? For you or for your opponent? This will be based on each team's ability to take advantage.

Principles Of Shooter Rush

Shooter Rush doesn't have many rules. You only need to follow 2 main rules. First, let's shoot down all enemies on the map. Your opponents often move in an army and attack you at the same time. You have to eliminate them before they can touch you. It's also the second rule for you to avoid the attack of your rivals.

After that, remember to move forward to continue fighting with new challenges and reach the finish line to complete a stage.

Rewards And Upgrades

After killing opponents, cash will appear on the map. In addition, you can get free cash at the end of a stage. Let's use this money to purchase and upgrade new weapons.

How to control: Slide to control your character. Your character will shoot automatically when facing enemies.