Shape Shift Run

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Shape Shift Run is a shape-shifting simulation of going through portals and entering an endless gaming world. With just one click, you can change your status.

3 Main Shapes

In the Shape Shift Run game, there are 3 main character states corresponding to 3 different shapes: round, triangle, and rectangle. Corresponding to these shapes, you will see gates with similar shapes. They are destined couples. Adjust blocks and gates to have the same shape to be compatible with each other.

These 3 main shapes become even more special as they can change continuously. Your block can be changed with just one mouse click. You need to look at the gates and change accordingly. Besides, it is possible to change the shape with unlimited time. You just need to complete the shifting process before the collision occurs.

Move In Shape Shift Run

The shifting process will take place automatically. It means your block will automatically move forward and you just need to change its shape to move through the gates safely. This movement will get faster and faster. However, the further you move, the higher your score is and that is the goal of this running game. Trying to get a high score will not be difficult if you always focus on the roads and gates. Roads and gates can change and so can your block. Therefore, your ability will determine the outcome of each trip.