Save The Girl

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Save The Girl begins the mind battles between players and the challenges of the game where a girl is in dangerous situations. Make a judgment and rescue her.

Save The Girl Walkthrough

This online game is simple to play as you just need to click on one of the game's suggestions. Usually, the game will give you two options. One of the two is the correct answer while the other will bring danger to the girl. In these situations, to rescue the girl, the only option for you is the correct choice to proceed to the next level. Otherwise, you have to replay that level.

However, this game is only simple in gameplay. The questions will be of high difficulty and require players to use their analytical ability. The difficulty will increase from low to high until you reach the last level.

An Example Illustrating the Gameplay

Let's take a simple example to make the Save The Girl game easier to understand. At level 1, a girl is tied up in a warehouse. There was no one around to help her. The game will offer two options: scissors or lighter. Which item will you choose to rescue the girl in this situation?

The answer to level 1 is scissors. Use the scissors to cut the rope for the girl. If you choose the lighter, the warehouse can burn and put the girl in danger.