Pocket Battle Royale

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Pocket Battle Royale is a fighting game with a variety of weapons, characters, and battles. You can shoot, collect weapons, and upgrade during your battles. In this online game, you will fight with your shooting abilities to complete each level!

Battles In Pocket Battle Royale

Matches in this action game have no time limit. You just need to complete your mission to win. After winning, you will receive prestigious trophies. These trophies are of great value to unlock new battles. For example, when you have 5 trophies, you can unlock Backstreet Court and 20 trophies for Royale Desert. Each battlefield will have different opponents, terrain, and map structure.

Besides the changes in battles, you can also upgrade your weapons and change characters to make the matches more interesting.

Way To Fight In Battles

When you enter a Pocket Battle Royale battlefield, you control your character by dragging your mouse. While moving, you will meet opponents. Get close to them and your weapon will automatically fire when the opponent is within attack range. Opponents will also attack you. Therefore, try to destroy the enemy first to win. After leaving the fight, your health bar will gradually recover. Besides, your bullets will also be reloaded.

Finally, don't forget to collect chests to collect new weapons and items.