Nature Strikes Back

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Nature Strikes Back is a defense game where nature elements are incorporated into the game world to fend off dangerous monsters invading the town. Let's go with nature to fight these monsters!

Nature Strikes Back Monsters

The monsters in this online game are divided into several levels. The higher the level of the monsters, the greater their power and the more difficult it will be for you to destroy those monsters. For example, you can face Giant Mutated Animals. These monstrous beasts could be the result of genetic experimentation gone wrong or exposure to hazardous substances. They might be enormous versions of real animals, like oversized insects, reptiles, or mammals, with heightened aggression and destructive capabilities. In addition, Carnivorous Plants are also a type of popular monster. These monstrous plants have evolved to become aggressive predators, capable of ensnaring and devouring animals or even humans. They may possess large, fanged mouths, tentacle-like vines, or toxic secretions.

How to Fight And Defend

For defense in this game, you need to use the elements of nature because natural elements can create attacks to destroy monsters. In particular, you can merge similar elements to create a greater power. When you run out of slots to place natural elements, unlock new lands and create higher-level elements to save space.