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Are you ready to play Mope.io? Mope.io is a multiplayer action game to control your mope and collect food. Absorb energy, upgrade, and destroy other players.

Have you played this multiplayer game? In this action game, you will compete with other players. It is competitive. However, besides that, this game is a combination of an entertainment game and an action game. In addition to the competition, you can also relax by collecting items and enjoying the colorful living space.

Mope.io Hacks

Mope.io doesn't have any hacks. However, if you want to win, you can follow below rules and tips to increase your victory rate.

How To Play Mope.io

You can access this game easily by searching in the search bar or finding it in the hot game section. After that, click on the icon of the Mope.io game and start the game.

After entering the main screen, press the Play button in the middle of the screen to start entering the official match. Remember to choose your favorite character before begin. Choosing a character is quite important because the character will determine the habitat and food you can experience and enjoy.

After entering the main map, you need to control your character to move and get food in the surroundings. You can eat many different things like fruits, mushrooms, and other animals. However, you can only eat the food of the appropriate size. It is impossible to eat foods that are larger in size than you. Food will help you gain experience. You can see the yellow experience bar at the bottom right of the screen. When this bar is full, you can upgrade your mope and choose a new character before continuing your multiplayer match. Note that when you eat other animals, you need to absorb all the health bars on that animal and make them a new form of food. Then, you can really eat that animal completely. This process can be time-consuming. However, it will give you a lot of experience points.

In addition, you should notice the water bar at the bottom left. It is blue. Your mope may be dehydrated. You need to make sure the mope doesn't die from a lack of water. There are blue puddles on the map. Go into these puddles or eat water balls around to increase your water level.

Ways To Beat Other Players

Fighting with other players is indispensable in a multiplayer game. This game requires you to be larger than your enemies to be able to destroy other players. When you and your opponent collide, the health bar on your head will gradually decrease. Of course, the mope with the lower level will be the first to run out of health. As a result, that player will be the loser. Therefore, make sure you are stronger in the battles to win with certainty.

How to control: Slide your mouse to control your mope. If you want to speed up, left-click.

Various Characters

This Mope.io game offers you a lot of different characters. After entering the moped world, you can become a mouse, desert rat, shrimp, chipmunk, and tarsier. Besides, after your level increases, the number of characters for you to choose will increase.