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Minesweeper measures your luck and analytical ability in dodging bombs. Many bombs to avoid and numbers to select are hidden on the playing screen. Let's pick the numbers and stay away from the bombs to get the highest score! This online game is a classic game that is familiar to many players. They are attracted by the addictive gameplay and simple controls. In particular, in this game, you can choose one of four modes to experience it!

4 Available Game Modes

Minesweeper offers you 4 different modes. The first 3 modes are divided according to the difficulty of the game and the last mode allows you to design your own rounds.

  • Easy Mode has an 8x10 grid. This is the smallest net with the least amount of bombs.
  • Medium Mode increases the number of cells in the grid to 10x12. Your chance of choosing to bomb is higher than in the previous mode.
  • Hard Mode is the best test mode for players with a 10x16 grid. To get through this mode, you will need a lot of strategy as well as luck.
  • Custom Mode allows you to choose a grid from 8x6 to 15x10. Besides, you can also select your percentage of appearance. Another cool thing is that you can choose between a square or a hexagon.

How To Play Minesweeper

The game rules are very simple. You just need to select the tiles on the play screen. You can continue if it's a number square and you have to stop if you choose to bomb. The game will calculate the time you play this game and give you some hints. Try to collect as many numbers as possible to get as many coins as possible.