Impostor Archer War

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Impostor Archer War begins battles between imposters using bows and special abilities. Are you ready to participate in these tough and challenging battles? Your opponent will be another imposter with similar abilities. Therefore, the strength and power between the two opponents in the battle are balanced. To be able to win, you need to perform as well as you can. Besides, you can also follow the following information about the imposter archer and how to control it to increase your chances of winning.

Imposter Archer

Impostor Archer War consists of brave imposter invaders. These two warriors will attack each other to destroy the enemy and gain victory at each level. Your health bar is limited, and you need to avoid enemy arrows to protect your health bar.

The two archers will stand on two different platforms with a deep pit in the middle. Move on this platform and aim. Remember to avoid the opponent's attacks.

Your imposed archer can be upgraded by purchasing a new imposter with high abilities in the Shop section. Each time you shoot your enemies successfully, you get one coin. Collected coins are for buying skins.

Impostor Archer War Instruction Manual

How to Shoot the Enemy

In order to shoot, you just need to press the spacebar. Note that your character cannot shoot while moving. Therefore, make sure you stop to shoot. Besides, there should be a break between two consecutive shots.
Your imposter character also has some special skills such as shooting 3 arrows at once or shooting fire arrows. To attack with these skills, you just need to press the 1,2,3, or 4 keys respectively.

Note that these skills are locked and require you to open them before using them.

How to Move In Impostor Archer War

You just need to use the left and right arrow keys to move. It is impossible to jump or slide.