Haunt The House

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Haunt The House turns you into a ghost to scare everyone out of the house to win. Let's haunt objects in the house and behave strangely to scare them!

The Strange Gameplay

The world of gaming is endless as you can enjoy a variety of different games and this Haunt The House game is one of the most novel games. The uniqueness of the game is shown in the gameplay.

In the game, you become a ghost. That's right, a fantasy character will appear and you will transform into it. When you become this special character, you will also have special abilities: flying and possessing objects. You can fly throughout the house and fly through walls. Besides, you can haunt objects and make them move. Of course, humans cannot see you and this gameplay creates a uniquely entertaining environment for you.

This character is often associated with scary stories in real life. However, in this entertaining game, everything becomes adorable and interesting. In particular, it will be suitable for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

Beat Haunt The House

To win, you need to chase 30 people out of the house. This mission will require you to use effective strategies such as selecting the right time and location. Head towards the people near the exit!

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