Defense of Karmax 3

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Defense of Karmax 3 depicts a fierce battle to protect your peaceful town. Shoot down missiles that are constantly advancing to make sure nothing can beat you.

What's Happening In Defense of Karmax 3

In this shooting world, you will become a scientist fighting for the peace of your region. Secret opponents constantly attack you with huge missiles. They appear constantly and make you become bewildered. It is their goal to take that opportunity to destroy everything you have.

Preventing this is your job. So, how to prevent these fierce attacks? Please refer to the following instructions for more details.

Game Instructions

Defense of Karmax 3 is not difficult to play. You only need to perform the following two basic steps to be sure of winning in your hand.

Use Weapons To Fire Missiles

Your only options are to use your weapon to destroy dangerous items approaching you. Look up at the sky and point your cannon at any approaching foreign objects.

Upgrades Of Defense of Karmax 3

This shooting game allows you to upgrade your weapons with available powers. For example, you can rotate the gun faster, shoot faster, and repair damaged buildings. Each of these upgrades is essential, especially in the case of multiple missiles appearing at the same time.

How to control: Slide your mouse.