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Show off your guessing and drawing skills in a multiplayer drawing game, called DRAWar.io. To win DRAWar.io, you need to get as many points as possible.

DRAWar.io is a game for all devices you can play online. It's a browser game where you are playing with other players. It's an online version of classic multiplayer games. In the DRAWar.io game, one hundred percent of the players are real players. You can experience a game that is purely talented players. Can you win this game with competitive gameplay?

This game is a multiplayer game based on the arcade theme. You can completely relax with this game after a hard-working day. The puzzles and the interactions between the players will keep you entertained in a new way. Significantly, after participating in this game, you can improve your vocabulary and improve your thinking ability. You can also enjoy impressive graphics and sounds. It is peaceful to play in your free time.

DRAWar.io game

DRAWar.io game requires players to perform two main missions.

Drawing Role

When it's your turn to draw, you will be given 3 different words. Each word represents a different object. It can be words that describe food, objects, animals, or jobs. Your task as a painter is to choose one of the 3 words and draw pictures to give hints to other players. You can use your mouse to draw. Try to draw in a simple but understandable way to help other players guess correctly. Drawing will also earn you points. The more players correctly guess the word you draw, the more points you get. Therefore, don't worry that other players can get points from your question because you get even more. Don't worry.

Note that when drawing, you can use different nibs. You can also color, erase and give hints. Use your imagination and drawing ability to paint amazing pictures.

Guess In DRAWar.io

When you are a guesser, look at the pictures other players draw to guess. Type your word in the answer box. The faster you answer correctly, the more points you get. If you answer wrongly, it will be okay because you will not be deducted points. You are always welcome to reply.

In addition, you can see the chat box. You can interact with other players while seeing who answered correctly. After each question, you will see a summary table showing the number of points received by all the players. Try to guess as many words as possible correctly and get the most points to be the leader in that playroom.

How To Control

This game is an arcade game with simple gameplay and easy controls. You just need to use the mouse to select and draw. However, when you guess, you will need to use the keyboard to type.