Crossy Road

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Crossy Road challenges your ability to control your character with unpredictable vehicles and dangers. You need to move constantly to meet this running game. Can you not?

Introduction The Game

This game is a running game for single players, but it will make you scream for its fun. Is this over-describing the truth? Play and you will know!

Challenges You Must Avoid

When you move through the roads, you need to avoid constantly moving cars. These cars will not avoid you. Therefore, the task of avoiding collisions is yours.

Besides, there are trains. When the red light is on, the train will appear after 2 seconds at an extremely fast speed. Remember to pay attention to this feature.

Finally, there are long rivers that block your way. Jump on the wooden bars to pass.

Rewards You Can Get

Remember to collect coins to get more points and make remarkable achievements. Besides, this Crossy Road game also provides a secret gift box with coins and new characters. It's like a way to test your luck.

Crossy Road Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is not difficult. You just need to use the arrow keys to control your character. It is free to move forward, left and right. However, you cannot go backward. While moving, if the screen goes over your character, a giant bird will come and capture your character. That is the end of the game.