Crab and Fish

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Crab and Fish is an undersea puzzle game featuring crabs and fish. Destroy the blocks to send the crab to rescue the fish while avoiding falling. This game will challenge your guessing ability to win as many points as possible.

Gain Points In Crab and Fish

To win points in this puzzle game, you need to rescue fish that are trapped in cages. These cages along with the blocks will build a castle. The crab will stand on that castle.

To rescue the fish, you just need to click on the blocks to destroy them. After destruction, the crab will gradually move to the cages. Once the crab reaches the cage, it will automatically destroy the cage and rescue the fish. As a result, you will win points.

Other players also make this goal. The deeper you move to the bottom of the sea, the more talented players you meet who have rescued a lot of fish and earned an admirable score. If you want to compete with these players, try and practice to rescue more fish.

Notes When Destroying Blocks

In Crab and Fish, you will destroy blocks to rescue fish. During this process, you should pay attention to a few features of the game.

  • This game will end if the crab falls out of the castle.
  • Blocks come in many shapes and sizes. This mixture will create a challenge for you to choose from.
  • You can choose to destroy any block on the game screen. You do not need to follow any orders.
  • There is no time limit in this undersea game.

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