Comfy Farm

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Comfy Farm simulates the life of a farmer and you will own a rich farm. Let's become hard farmers to plant and develop our farms. It's an exciting job. Starting this arcade game, you only have 4 plots of land to grow plants. From these 4 small plots of land, how can you develop your farm? Let's start the game now and experience it!

What Will You Do In Comfy Farm

Your life in this game will play out like a real farmer's life. You will grow trees and raise livestock to earn money. Use the money earned to expand the farm and buy the necessary items. Life like this will go on non-stop.

Comfy Farm offers you a variety of seeds. However, at first, you have no money, you can only grow carrots with 0 coins. Then, use the money earned from carrots to buy other crops like watermelons and grapes for a higher profit. Besides, you can also buy more shots to grow more crops.

Upgrades In The Game

By visiting Farmer's Market, you can purchase upgrades. For example, you can buy extra fields, sprinklers, scarecrows, and birdhouses. Of course, these items have distinct values from 100 coins to 3,500 coins.