Aliens Gone Wild

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Aliens Gone Wild is an engaging wild shooting game for single players. The ability to shoot a gun is not enough for you to overcome the challenges of this game. It requires much more skill. One of the most important skills is defense skills. To better understand this, let's learn together in the following sections.

Cast Of Aliens Gone Wild

This action game does not have many characters. There are two main characters.

The first character is your character. You will transform into a cowboy with a gun in his hand. You will not be riding horses or chasing wild animals. Instead, you will advance to attack the mysterious creatures along the way.

The second character is the aliens. This is your opponent. They are angry because their plan to invade the earth is being stopped by you. They will appear in any path you take to attack and destroy you. However, because they are not used to the gravity of the earth, these aliens can only stand still to shoot. This is an advantage for you.

How To Survive In This Game

Your character will not stop moving forward. Facing the opponent's attacks, you need to avoid them. Let's move from right to left and vice versa using left and right arrows. This is the only way for you to protect yourself. While moving, remember to avoid the rocks. Being shot by aliens or colliding with rocks will cause damage to your character. It will also cause your health bar to gradually decrease, so be careful.

Besides, you can shoot guns with endless ammo. Each alien death will give you one point.