Wild West Survivor

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Wild West Survivor takes you to the Western world with magical creatures. With your survival and fighting ability, try to survive and get the highest score.

Dangers Of The Wild West

Wild West Survivor contains many dangers. You will never be able to predict the dangers you are about to face when starting this game. Let us show you some typical dangers when you fight in this action game. The first danger comes from the terrain of the game. The yellow deserts of this western region are not flat. There are many stones of different sizes. It is difficult for your character to move.

Besides, the biggest danger comes from strange creatures. As you can know, you will fight in the wild areas. Therefore, there are many dangerous animals. They will attack you continuously. At the start, these creatures may be few. However, the number of them is increasing and surrounding you. Their goal is always to attack and destroy you.

So, in order to face these challenges, what will you do? Let's come to the next part to see which abilities you have to combat.

Wild West Survivor Instructions

Wild West Survivor Instructions will bring you 2 main sections including how to play and how to control

How To Play

Your character has the ability to shoot non-stop. The number of ammo is unlimited. Your mission is to use this skill to fight. In addition, while shooting, remember to move and avoid the attack of wild animals. There are animals that will just attack you slowly. However, there are species that attack very quickly and strongly. You need to move and react quickly to these attacks.

Controls Of Wild West Survivor

Use the WASD to move. Your gun will shoot automatically. After playing this action game, you can try Monkey Mart to have a new experience.