Tom Run Online

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Tom Run Online takes place in a thrilling way when you control the cat Tom to overcome a series of obstacles. Running will help you collect a lot of gold.

Run With Tom

Welcome to this online running game! By participating in this entertaining game, you can challenge yourself with challenging tracks. In particular, you will transform into a cat named Tom. This character is too familiar to online game enthusiasts.

To run like Tom, remember to use the arrow keys to move left and right, jump, and slide. These 4 moves are important to help you avoid obstacles and dangers along the way. Based on the shape, size, and height of the obstacles, use the movement accordingly. Movement is extremely important in all online games. Rooftop Snipers is also a good example of when you have to move non-stop to catch weapons, fight enemies, and avoid being attacked.

Tom Run Online Deals

When running in this online game, you can collect a lot of coins and gold. What are these coins and gold used for? You can visit the Shop section to buy yourself items like rockets, flying carpets, hoverboards, and skateboards. These items cost from 100 coins to 500 coins. They will assist you during the move.