Tiny Tracks

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Tiny Tracks build fierce races between trucks and find the finisher first. The players will be responsible for the vehicle's acceleration to complete laps.

Tiny Tracks And Races

Welcome to one of the most exciting racing games on our website! Coming to this online game, you have the opportunity to experience the fiercest races in the tiny world. The objects and tracks become smaller and cuter than usual. However, this does not affect the fierceness of the game. It's just the visual element of the game.

This game is made up of racing laps. Each lap is a challenge and has different names. You will come to the first 3 laps with a tutorial goal. After these 3 rounds, you need to master the basic controls. You can use the arrow keys. All 4 arrow keys up, down, left, or right are okay. All these keys have one thing in common: make your truck accelerate. You need to know how to accelerate properly so that your vehicle moves as fast as possible and does not cause an accident. After each collision, you can resume the race immediately. However, you will waste time and run slower than your opponent. The principle of playing in all races is to reach the finish line first. However, there will be differentiating factors.

Differentiating Elements of Levels

Let's analyze the first 8 levels together to see clearly the different factors. First, all levels have their own names like Pico Park, Epic Eight, Cubic Curve, Rally Ring, or Super Speed. As the name of the levels, these mini-races will change with each theme. In addition, the complexity of the tracks will increase. Besides, your opponents will be more and more talented. Moreover, the number of your opponents is 3. Therefore your chance of winning is always 25%. To increase this ratio, your driving skill will be the deciding factor.