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TheBall is inspired by the football sport with a new play style. You will click to change the direction of the ball while trying to run as far as possible.

Tap To Start TheBall

This online game will start with one click of your mouse. On the main screen, you will see the general features of this game such as ball, pitch, and other criteria. If you want to start the rounds immediately, click anywhere. On the contrary, if you want to learn about other factors, it will also be very easy.

First, look to the left of the main screen where you can track the number of checkpoints and your high score. Second, on the right side, the game allows you to access the Shop section to unlock skins for the ball. These skins are usually priced at 25.

How To Run Ball

After you click to start the game, your ball will automatically move forward. It will change the direction of movement after you click one more time. Use this move to safely change the direction of the ball and reach the checkpoints and collect them. This moving method is even easier than Battle Wheels.

Checkpoints will carry the flags of many different countries. The process of collecting checkpoints is like the process of conquering each country. Besides, this TheBall game is endless, so the further you run, the more points you will get.