Tank 1990

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Tank 1990 takes place in one-player and two-player modes that require you to cooperate and defend your base from rival tanks and attack enemies to win.

Tank 1990 Gameplay

Your mission is to protect your base from opponents and shoot down their base. To achieve this goal, your character will have the ability to shoot to destroy walls or other tanks. Shoot down all the enemy tanks that want to reach your base and move forward to attack the enemy base. Note that you can also be destroyed by enemies. After that, you will respawn at your original base, but the number of respawns will be limited.

This gameplay is identical in both modes. However, in 2P mode, you will be able to have a teammate to accompany and fight. Your battle will become easier and more enjoyable. After playing this game, Space Shooter is the next ideal game to join intense battles for enthusiasts of fighting.

Get Bonuses And Win

During the battle, bonuses will appear and give you extra powers like getting 1 life or getting a new tank. Both of these bonuses will give you a lot of benefits. For example, you will have an extra chance to get back into battle instead of succumbing to enemies or getting more tanks from the same side to increase the strength of your team. Therefore, these bonuses are always useful in the Tank 1990 game. Always collect them to win!